I’m not one to eat a lot of sweets.  Sure, I have my small cup of ice cream after dinner most nights for dessert, but I don’t buy candy bars from the checkout line at the grocery store and I certainly don’t supply my household with candy, chips and other junk food on a regular basis.

This is all true, for 11 months of the year, that is.  Come October, there is only one thing I want.  The craving starts around the first and lasts until November.  I crave chocolate.  I crave chocolate in all forms: cakes, cookies, pudding, etc.  But the one kind of chocolate I eat the hell out of: candy bars.

I will eat any kind of candy bar in October, but I do have my favorites.  My number one is Snickers.  This particular treat is such a favorite that it is the one or two extra bars I buy for myself during the rest of the year.  To me, Snickers has the best of all candy bar worlds.  My second choice is the Reese’s peanut butter cups.  I don’t know what it is about that sweety-salty peanut buttery-chocolaty concoction, but it’s my man’s favorite and runs a very close second to my Snickers obsession.

Some of our other candy bar favorites are pretty run of the mill.  I love the standards, like Almond Joy, KitKat, Butterfinger, and Twix.  I have to say, there really isn’t a candy bar that I don’t enjoy.  Anything tastes good wrapped in chocolate in October.

So, I may be good at curbing my cravings most of the year, but Halloween lets me know it’s okay to give in a little.  It’s my favorite holiday and that may simply be due to the freedom it allows.

In October, I can be or eat anything I like.  Even if it means eating my weight in chocolate in just 31 days.