The first rain in our area happened on the last day of summer.  The downpour was a relief after temps that topped 120 degrees this summer (no, joke).  I think I was more than ready for the end of summer.

That night, I wore capri-pant pajamas for the first time since April and I haven’t looked back.  I took care of my seasonal wardrobe switch the next day.

Pajama shorts have been completely traded out for capris in my drawer.  I still wear my tank tops year-round; I just cover up in a giant fleece to keep cozy and warm in the evening at home.

My wonderful denim jacket has been pulled from the back of my closet and is now hanging proudly in my bedroom for easy access.  I have taken inventory of all my sweaters and sweatshirts.  I have also started arming myself with a second cute, but comfortable fleece jacket that I like to wear to work.  During the autumn months around here, it’s best to always have outerwear handy.  The weather can change in an instant.

Speaking of work, what I do doesn’t require any kind of uniform or professional-wear.  Our clothes just have to be modest and clean.  During the summer, I wear my t-shirts with knee-length shorts, but the time came for me to find my clean and modest long pants and jeans so I can be warm enough.

The same has occurred with my tiny shorts.  When I’m not working I wear small clothes, but hey, when’s it’s 110 degrees most of the time, you start wishing you didn’t have to wear any clothes at all.  I haven’t touched a pair of shorts in a couple of weeks and I’m okay with that.  Most of my casual jeans make my legs look pretty good anyway.

Finally, we come to the feet.  I am one of those “never growing up enough to want to put on my shoes” kind of adults.  I only wear real sneakers to work because I am forced to.  Even during the summer I would go without flip-flops if businesses and asphalt parking lots would let me.  Unfortunately, the biting cold winds of our Northern California fall make shoes more than necessary.  Aside from work shoes, my go-to footwear this fall will mainly consist of black calf-high biker boots and my Converse All-Star lows.  Sometimes when I wear one pair, say the boots because it’s raining, I will actually take the other pair with me when I go out just in case the weather changes on me and I’m wearing the wrong shoes.

So with that, I think I am prepared for the ever changing, rapidly chilling months to come.  After the summer we had there will be nothing better than cuddling under a big blanket with socked feet and wearing a comfy sweater while I watch television or read a good book.  That’s what I’ve been missing.