I’ve been playing the piano again. I figured it was high time I at least played around after the years of private lessons that my parents paid for. Not only that, I own a really large, nice keyboard that is only good for collecting dust if I don’t play it. I use a little one that belonged to my daughter for silent fingering practice so I don’t disturb my loved ones. I like that I can take the little one almost anywhere.

Last week I got to the 12 Bar Blues lesson in Garage Band and I finally understand it. It was only my fourth attempt at learning how it’s composed! Now I can concentrate more on learning my scales, finding my chords and harmonious notes, and starting to improvise for the first time in my life.

My fingers are working great and my hands are getting better at working together, but independently, again. My rhythm is kicking ass, if I do say so myself! Reading notation was like riding a bike, so that has gone really well. I can pretty much sit down with a simple piece, work out the fingering, and play it (though with a bobble here and there) within the hour.

Being classically trained has made the transition into blues, jazz, rock, and pop a little challenging. The rhythms are faster, but that only means it will take me a little longer to master each piece that I attempt. That’s okay with me.

I have a tiny hardbound notebook with a ribbon bookmark and an elastic strap closure. It’s dark blue with large lighter blue flowers. The flowers are graphical and very pretty in my opinion. I actually bought two when I found them. In my notebook, I make music notes from lessons and my own rhythms and lyrics. Music notation is the one thing I haven’t figured out how to do on my iPhone and MacBook. I’m sure there’s a way, but I like my little notebook for now.

Anyway, I know that with practice, practice, practice, I can once again play beautiful music. Maybe I can even start writing some of my own.

Besides, it’s the only way to Carnegie Hall!