Inspired by heatherhomefaker and her High 5 for Friday posts, I decided to try for my own “Tops” this week.

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4.IMG_06505.  IMG_0651

1. Yoga gloves & socks – The Raley’s near my house has carried these and other yoga supplies for some time now. They have grippy bottoms and the gloves are fingerless. I have thought about grabbing them for a while now, but this time I had a $25 gift card for being named employee of the month so I splurged a little. These are working out really well. I feel much more balanced in every position that involves putting any real weight on my hands and/or feet. I practice Hiatha Dynamic Flow yoga, which basically keeps you moving between poses and the grip on these really helps with all of the transitions.

2. Starbucks coffee cup – I had owned a silver one of the same 16 ounce size, but the lid got broken several months ago. That is where the wonderful snap-on leather koozie, came from. If you look closely you can see the very top edge of this new cup’s thin band of what I can only guess is neoprene. These cups will keep anything hot for hours on end. Most of the time, my guy and I have to pour out of them in order to actually drink our coffee. Sometimes we swear the contents have somehow gotten hotter.

3. VW key-fob – This was given to me by my dad for my first car, a lime green 1979 Beetle. I haven’t used it until now for his bug, a blue 1973 Super Beetle, that he left to me when he passed in February. This key-fob has been stowed in my teenage jewelry box for more than half of my life. I had actually forgotten that I had it, but suddenly remembered this past week and couldn’t have been happier to discover that I still had it. It immediately joined my father’s keys on the ring.

4. Old Navy denim jacket – This was a Christmas gift to myself, but I only started wearing it this past week as spring began. I am totally in love with the fit & fabric. It’s a little stretchy so there’s no binding in the shoulders or across the belly (if buttoned) when I move about.   I think I grew out of my last denim jacket in 1988 and by then they had fallen out of “style” so I never picked up another one, Though I probably wouldn’t have found one all those years anyway.

5. Pedicures – I only pay to get spa pedicures done during the spring and summer for sandal wearing. I bite my fingernails to the nub on a daily basis, so maybe I overcompensate a little with my toes. I usually wear dark colors, but lately I’m becoming a little girlier in my color choices. Where I would once get blacks and dark blues, I am starting to appreciate the dark pinks and purples too. I thank (blame?)  my daughter. I also like to get nail art done. My signature is the wheat grass shown here done in black, white and silver. I also like to have the man at the shop work on my feet. Strong hands equal a very good massage.