Accomplishing my hobbies has been a struggle lately. I got caught in the love-bubble, got out of some good habits, and picked up some bad ones. I don’t exercise anymore. I haven’t played music in years. The only thing I’ve even remotely managed to do lately is get some writing done. I have all the tools necessary to do the things I want to do. I just can’t find the time or energy.

When I entered the love-bubble, I was at roller derby practice six hours a week and spent another three at the gym. I was also doing 20-minute sessions of yoga every day.

First of all, I played derby for Shasta Roller Derby when I quit to be with my kids and my new guy. I was, I am, Stokerz Wilde #215 and I loved every minute I spent on the track, even if I wasn’t so good at the ‘teammate’ aspect of things. Eventually, the gym became financially difficult after I got laid off from my job. Now, yoga was always easier to keep up on. I had two burned copies with six episodes each of the television yoga series I was hooked on. Then one of them got broken and a half dozen sessions is not nearly enough for daily workouts. So, that discouraged me and pulled me out of my daily yoga routine.

However, I have vowed to do something about this. I tried to join a gym, but even though it was right up the road, I never seemed to want to go. I think I’m healthy and thin enough to avoid the cardio anyway. As part of my return to my hobbies, I recently bought every episode of that series from With four discs and 26 episodes, I am thrilled to have such a comprehensive collection of yoga routines back in my life. I think returning to a daily routine will be easy.

Meanwhile, I have managed to return to writing. I have started this blog and find inspiration in all sorts of places. I have gotten better about typing up my thoughts when I have them. I use the Notes app in my phone when I’m not at home to use the computer. It works well because I can actually open those notes in my Mail on the computer and then use copy and paste them into a Word document.

Lately, I have written a few pieces for my blog. I have written a lot more for myself that posted for “only me” on Facebook. I have been writing and this is what counts. Not only that, I may be able to return to school next spring. Then I will be back on track to getting the Journalism degree I crave so very much. For now though, I will blog and post and wait for the day my writing will be my job instead of just a hobby.

On the other hand, my music has not been played so recently. I started taking private lessons when I was four years old. Later in school, I joined band and played tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass drum and flute before quitting it all for the rest of my life. Not for lack of trying, I just couldn’t find a set of books that didn’t discourage my return to the point of giving up on myself. I was used to private lessons. I had never taught myself anything. I even bought a 77-key Midi keyboard that will sound like any instrument you want including a full drum set and crazy ethereal voices.

Well, to take care of this problem, I am now trying Garage Band on my MacBook Pro. I have downloaded the Introduction and first round of lessons. I have purchased the cable that allows me to connect my keyboard to my Mac. I plan on adding it to my already long list of daily dos.

The reality is, I want to do so much more than write, exercise and play piano. My dream job would be making documentaries. I have an iPhone and this MacBook. I have all the programs I would need to do starter films of my own. I have all the audio, video, photo, and iMovie programs. I even own a connectable keyboard for original soundtracks.

Now I just have to make the time and find the energy to do all of these things while working 48 hours of night shifts every week.