Why do we become the cruelest of human beings when our hearts are breaking?  The words that we say to each other can cut deeper than a knife.  They can rip out our guts.  They can be used as torture.  They are used to torment.

However, these things we call words never physically harm us.  This must be one of the things that separate us from the animals.  People have this ability to cause such massive amounts of pain to one another without any actual contact.

When one feels slighted, the pain can appear as anger through harsh words and dirty looks.  We feel the words of others so deeply, yet we can’t seem to express that pain in any good way.  Instead, most people strike back.  Perhaps it’s a form of self-preservation.  Hurt him more than he hurt me and maybe I won’t hurt so much.

The nastiest names, the smallest mistakes, and the most hurtful things you can think to say always seem to rear their ugly heads when emotions are running high.

If we feel the words of others so deeply that it hurts, than why can’t we find a way to communicate that instead of lashing out as if we are angry?

Apparently, evolution has only given us part of the equation.  It must be up to us to be careful not to hammer our loved ones with cruel remarks when we have hurt feelings.

I regret many of the things I’ve said in the past with the same heart that was breaking when I said it.  So, from now on I am going to take control of my emotions and really show the people I love, really tell them, when they have hurt me.

It must be better for everyone than trying to cause him or her pain in return.