Why do I enjoy mysteries?  I love answering questions.  To me, all of life is a mystery.  Everywhere you look there are questions to be answered, from crosswords to crime.

A mystery is defined as the condition or quality of being secret, strange, or difficult to explain.  That’s why I chose journalism.  It’s a profession and an art that not only allows me to unwrap the mysteries of the world we live in, it also lets me write about it and share the answers I find with the world.

Since I was small I chose to watch crime TV.  I religiously watched Murder She Wrote, Quincy, and Unsolved Mysteries, just to name a few.  I’ll take fiction, true crime, biographies, novels, television, and film.  Jeopardy is great for people like me too.

My favorite author is John Grisham.  I own all of his books but the latest release The Racketeer.  I own all of the films that were made from them, as well.  Before I found John, I read every Agatha Christie novel I could find.

In my honest opinion the best of today’s televisions includes the CSIs, Law & Orders and Bones.  Medical dramas fascinate me for obvious reasons and I really enjoyed Lost because the entire series was one enormous mystery.  I can’t get enough of Modern Marvels on History Channel and Unwrapped on Food Network.

The paranormal is also full of unanswered questions. Corn mazes provide me with hours of wandering fun.  I’ll find the end, turn around and try to find the start again.

Essays and exams provided me with the same chance to search for the answers to the questions being asked of me.

As a child I preferred Clue to Monopoly and slide puzzles to Life. At points, I wanted to be a cop and then a lawyer.

Henry Miller once said,

Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing.

I accepted the existence of mystery in my life and began searching for answers at a young age.  I sometimes wonder why I wonder about everything.  Then I realize that it’s just who I am and I go find the answers.

The questions seem small, but what the answers reveal can provide so much insight into how our current existence and culture came to be and where it’s headed in the future.

I am pretty sure I love mysteries and puzzles because I am a student.  I search.  I learn.  To me almost everything is something to be learned.