If a person’s eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyeliner draws the curtain. If our hair is meant to keep us warm, it should try staying on ours heads.

How did women ever live without eyeliner?  My little mechanical pencil reached its end the other day and I didn’t feel right all day at work.  I noticed long ago how well this wondrous tool creates a target of focus unmatched by any mascara alone.

In fact, this has happened once before.  The thing about my choice of eyeliner is that you don’t know you’re out until you can’t twist out any more pencil.

Well anyway, last summer I had to go to work without any eyeliner on and a client actually asked me if I was feeling okay.  I knew exactly why he had asked.  It was simply because my eyes were not properly highlighted.

Unfortunately, eyeliner wasn’t the only thing I ran out of last week.  I also used the last of my hair cream.  So in addition to looking tired all day, my hair spent the day floating off of my head.

I looked like I had either stuck a fork in a electrical socket or been struck by lightning.  Worst yet, my “anti-humidity” hairspray only seemed to make things worse.

So I ask again, what did women do before all these fantastic products?  I imagine women wandering around medieval Europe looking perpetually exhausted with their hair standing on end like dogs with their hackles raised.

It may sound vain to worry about such things, but personal appearance can have such a strong influence on a woman’s self-esteem.  I know it is true for me.

Not only that, if a woman ever thinks that a man only looks at her breasts, one piece of her makeup arsenal will do wonders for drawing the focus upward to where it belongs.

So whether I buy Loreal, Revlon, or Mac, or wear liquid, stick or pencil, I know it will make me feel better about myself when I leave the house for the day.