It’s time I started writing again.  I had to quit school, but I never wanted to stop learning and cultivating my art.

“Life can get away from you” as they say.  I took the first job I could find when I had to leave school.  It seems I also stopped writing.

Trying to raise a family and work full-time can be exhausting and no matter how hard one might try, inspiration and rational thought can be hard to come by. Not to mention finding the time to actually sit down and write anything of substance.

Sure, I have emotions, thoughts and questions, but my mind works faster than my two thumbs can type a note on my tiny iPhone and carrying my laptop everywhere seems excessive.

Therefore, each day or so, I will just sit down and type.  Free writing is the best way for me to formulate ideas and align my thoughts.  Most usually, I can find something in my ramblings to expand upon and turn into something meaningful.

So here I am.  I will write.  Some may not like what I have to say.  Others may just be confused by my random topics.  But I am determined to do what feels right to me.  I will make the time to write and still manage my life effectively.

I am a writer and I will not let my life keep me from my art any longer.